1. Speaking of haircuts (as we were, only yesterday afternoon.), a vulkin gets a trim and briefly bonds with a trusted barber in a ritual ear-touching. This is an honor granted only to close associates; one should not attempt to touch the ears of just any random vulkin.

    Uncredited behind the scenes photos of Nimoy and Star Trek TOS makeup artist Fred Phillips.

  2. Werewolf…?

    Topps Comic Book Heroes Stickers (1975). Art redrawn or repurposed from Mike Ploog’s cover for Werewolf By Night #1.

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  3. …or wookie? Only his hairdresser knows for sure.

    Actually, you might be able to bribe the disgruntled looking Greedo at the shampoo station to tell you.

    Behind the scenes during the filming of Star Wars, photographer uncredited.

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  4. donyatodd:

    And new paintings ☆♡ www.etsy.com/uk/shop/donyatodd

    Caiman riding Cyclopiettas, churning through the psychoactive coral gardens off the shores of the Amazon freeholds. Sea dragons and moasaurs are their prey, shattered sunken wrecks and drowned temples their plunder.

  5. phasicdb:

    "Cavalrymen are mounted on ‘wheelie-bikes’ or ‘moto-bikes,’ highly maneuverable bicycles designed for off-road riding."

    From Gary Cohn’s Rules of Moopsball.

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  7. infravisions:

    "98-00: Were-Monster (as monster, but only in moonlight)"

    Wookie and hobling
    Race Determination table
    Unsigned. Illustrations by Hank Riley, James Ireland, or Big Eddie Aston.
    Encounter Critical

  8. Alice Cooper - Desperado

  9. retrogasm:

    Just got back from an Alice Cooper concert… He still rocks…

    Rock & roll hierophant Vindam Furnace moved to the island of the lizard folk for the beaches…and ended up settling down and raising a family.

    Alice Cooper photographed by Terry O’Neill, with wife Sheryl Goddard and daughter Calico, I think, ca. mid 80s.

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  10. The clan moots of the lizard people and their allies, held on the ancestral island of the lizard tribes somewhere in the Unmapped South, typically end with a beach party.

    One of “Scary” Terry Beatty’s covers for Scary Monster Magazine.

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