1. jellobiafrasays:

    ab the cave man (1918)

    Like an infamous gunfighter of the olden West, Ab the Cave Man was always pestered by bravos thinking they could swing a hammer faster than he…

    Interior illustrations by Fred Stearns, cover designer uncredited.

  2. …but when he wasn’t clubbing tyros what Ab really liked was cooking.

    Interior illustrations by Simon Harmon Vedder, cover designer uncredited. Via.

  3. Nick Straker Band - Space Age

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  4. danismm:

    Are those bullets on your belt ??  

    Knitted Breastplate (equal to padded armor but easily mended with use of Camping percentiles)

    Brunswick Mostly Male pattern book, ca. early 70s.

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  5. kanegon-rock:

    70s Japan!!
    Sweet Witch Medusa from Henshin Ninja Arashi!! :)

    "Even in battle a doxy can Stun a number of victims as determined by her level, by using a turn to be charming toward them."

    Medusoid doxies may use Magical Attack instead of Seduce to stun foes. If powerful enough, they can actually turn their opponents to stone! (Permanent if Survival roll fails, unless de-Ensorceled.)

  6. madddscience:

    A headless monkey with a grenade on a hover board, by Howard Tayler.

    Numbers 4-16
    # ATT 1 or 2
    ATT % 55%
    Damage 1-10 (grenade) or 1-4/1-4 thereafter
    Hit Points 1-6
    Save 45%
    Edible 15%
    % Lurk 15%
    $ Value 75 (156 with hover board)

    Radar targetting. Speed twice normal while airborne (14” per melee turn).

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  8. phasicdb:


    Junior Boys, “Banana Ripple”

    Despite the potency of their ritual ensorcelments, the fashionable warlock cults of God City are dismissed as hipsters by many outsiders.

    If you travel with your master to Holygraph Mountain on the Isle of the Sulduku Hierophants, remember that customer satisfaction and enlightenment are not the same thing.

  9. encounterthis:

    Technoraider from Space Sweden

    A blademaster, too, as you can see from his plenitude of swords and daggers, including a scimitar brought back from a southward trade raid. That gun shoots flechettes, too, and probably has a stiletto hidden in it somewhere.

    Illustration by Jean Pierre Targete

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  10. phasicdb:

    Paul Williams in His “Planet of the Apes” Costume on “The Tonight Show” — 1973

    Via Space 1970

    New Archetypes of the Doxy: Balladeer.

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