1. Towards a Supplementary Mutation Table:

    64-66 Magic Resistant Magical Attack and spells have no effect on you, but you are hypnotized by the sound of magical words

    Illustration by Bob Bledsaw, Jr. in Field Guide to Encounters, Vol. 2.

  2. From a Congorilla story in Action Comics #255 
    Script: Robert Bernstein*, Pencils & Inks: Howard Sherman

    * And, really, why not credit such deft and deathless dialog as this?

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  3. spokeart:

    This month we have an exhibition by San Francisco based painter Serge Gay Jr., who has created a body of paintings informed by the music that inspires him.

    Here’s a look at his David Bowie painting, check out the rest of the show online - http://spoke-art.myshopify.com/collections/gold-solo-show-from-serge-gay-jr

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  4. Vorvon
    Brides of the Vorvon
    Vorvon: Brow of Darkness
    The Vorvon Has Risen from the Grave
    Taste the Mind of the Vorvon
    Starships of the Vorvon
    Vorvon: Stardate 1972
    Psychic Rites of the Vorvon
    The Legend of the 7 Cyborg Vorvons

    Costume designer Al Lehman, no makeup artist credited.

  5. Dave Pike, ‘Devilette’

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  6. Cover design, Loring Eutemey.

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  7. "Also a weapon."

    Also, also: canon.

    Illustrator uncredited, Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

  8. stefiecakes:

    Red Sonja is looking for some man heads to chop. Any volunteers?

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  10. charactermodel:

    Tilda Starr by Goran Parlov [ Starlight ]

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