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    A couple older sketches.  Ink and watercolor, there’s something so appealing when you combine those two. 

    Warlock King enters a Portal of Multi-Hues.

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    The Spherical Velocipede


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    Russian sci-fi from A. Likucheva

    "Robot Mount: A tireless horse without fear"

  6. At the Journey Master’s option, an unmodified Happenstance percentile roll of exactly the needed chances for success may result in unusual occurences such as sudden teletransport portals, highly localized gravity reversals, outbreaks of mischance and fumbling, transfixing memories of past things, and the like.

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    No.15 The Weirdo!

    Halfway there! Providing that there’s at least still fifteen days left in November, I should be in good shape!

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    仮面ライダーライセンス - ジョイント・モデル

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    Sergio Leone

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    Dopesmoker [cassette]

    Album artwork for 2012 resissue by Arik Roper

    Hessians (also called the Sand People or Fremenites) of the Forbidden Waste on a ceremonial water pipe pilgirmage.

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