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    Elfish sorceress with rune-embroidered stockings, conjuring forest weirds to the midst of a dungeon chamber.

    Model Constance Jablonski for Dior Couture, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

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    Art by Kostja Schleger

    Nobody’s hunting him to extinction!

    The mammusk-headed wookies, one of the legendary lost tribes of the Amazon and Wooky Freeholds, keep their weapons polished mirror bright so that even in the heat and sweat of battle they may intimidate their foes by nonchalantly touching up their makeup.

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    Peter Elson

    Vulkins of the Unmapped South build cities in the fossilized tubes of titanic Tusker Fungis.

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    1989 Plymouth Voyager III

    Additional modular sections can be added to the Polymoto Voyage Van, at the cost of 2/3rds of a single damnation van, each requiring an additional driver, piloting droid or specially licensed and trained imp.

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    Naked grimlocks with tentacles.

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    Here’s the real fricken piece of resistance, though. God damn glorious.

    Sursha Beast
    Norm Van ———.
    Dungeon Masters Guide
    Photograph by Mark Argent
    Reposted with permission from Fuck Yeah Owlbears

    Towards a Supplementary Mutation Table:

    22-24 Battle appendage One (1) limb has properties of a weapon of up to 1 eight-sided dice of damage from the hand weapon chart.

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    Kaiju Sartan, “The Giant Invisible Monster That Came From Space,” Return of Ultraman.

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    Gamora by Jim Starlin

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    Select Japanese episode titles from the first season of Star Trek.

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