1. madddscience:

    Sounds like a job for WolfCop.

    Werewolf Siren Ring: Wolfens and other were-monsters are said to be unable to resist a siren’s call, so much so that some hunters will plug their ears with wax and set up blinds on the shore at the foot of siren rocks, or even congregate at the scenes of crimes. Regardless of whether this is true, this magical ring does indeed add 10% to a Conjure roll to summon lycanthropes. (a pioneer may use the Provide skill instead.) But it is very loud and will draw wandering monsters if the summoning fails.

  2. highway62:

    Art by Boris Vallejo. Of course.


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  3. liketearsinrain:

    Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space

    Though they danced through the atmosphere and into outer space, and though they spun from moon to moon, they could never quite shake the damn saxophone player.

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  4. dadawan:

    Hajime Sorayama - sexysaxo

    Do Robodroids Dream of Electric Sax?

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  5. jessebalmer:

    Wizard battle

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  6. caeric-arclight:

    Toto Coelo -  ”Dracula’s Tango (Sucker For Your Love)”

    Slumber Party of the Brides of The Vampire.

  7. mariasvarela:

    Edward Gorey, Les Vampires.

    Not Edward Gorey, but an homage to Gorey and to Les Vampires by Drazen Kozjan.

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  8. With a graceful sweep of hemotelekinetic wings, a psionic vampire drains the blood from her sleeping victim without need of fangs.

    Stacia Napierkowska dancing as a vampire bat in "The Ring That Kills" (1915) the second episode of Louis Feuillade’s serial Les Vampires. (Attribution text adapted from Wikipedia)

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  9. Types of UFOs

    Tonk Ash-Helm never admitted it, but his Field Guide to Saucers was based entirely on visionary dreams and hypnopompic voices induced by his over-fondness for saucer tree nut butter.

    Illustration by Knut Aasheim with added header. Uncertain where it was originally published.

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  10. Saucer trees and domed gardens of the city of Million Wookies.

    Mitchell Park Domes, designed by Donald L. Grieb Associates, photographed by the Archivist.